Wireless networking

Wireless networking wasn’t so important in the early days of computers; most people who owned a computer owned a desktop that was a permanent fixture in their house. With the cost of laptops coming down, people started to want and need internet access, and not be tied to plugging a cable into their computer and sitting in one location, so wireless technology was included in laptops.

Then things started to explode. Smartphones became the new pocket computer, tablets were soon after introduced and the internet users shifted dramatically towards all other technologies being used for internet access as opposed to desktops.

Wireless networking became as important as anything else found in a home. Although in most cases Internet Service Providers provide their customers with a pre-configured Router which more often than not comes with built in wireless technology, there is often a need to improve on the basics and tailor the installation to the user.

Many factors make for a non-standard configuration. The size of someone’s house, the thickness and number of walls, electrical and magnetic interference and atmospherics all play a part in what is needed to make the wireless network perform well.

It may be that we need to consider multiple access points particularly if someone’s house is beyond the scope of an off the shelf wireless access point. Some people ask if it’s possible to get a high powered access point to cover a larger area. The answer is always not really as the device trying to connect to it can’t and isn’t designed to transmit over extended ranges, so where one device might be able to receive the signal from far away, it most certainly won’t be able to reciprocate.

Another important factor to consider when installing a wireless network or troubleshooting an existing one is your neighbours. Almost certainly they will probably have one too, in which case we need to make sure they do not interfere with each other as this can have adverse effects on everyone’s network, making the wireless network unreliable, slow, prone to signal loss or connection drops, delayed opening of web pages just to name a few.

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