Virus & Spyware removal

Have you ever wished you hadn’t opened that email? Or wished you hadn’t inserted that disk or memory stick? You are not alone as most people face this regret at some point in their computer life experience.

When you start to notice your computer is running slowly, or you are getting frequent pop-ups, random adverts or an invitation to buy yet another anti-virus program, then you probably have some flavour of computer virus on-board your computer.

A computer virus can appear in many ways, and arrive in equally as many ways. Not all Antivirus programs are capable of detecting and preventing the unwanted intrusion entering and infesting your computer, and once they do, they are sometimes almost impossible to remove.

The reason why Antivirus software isn’t 100% perfect is to do with the fact they updated with virus signature files which are written reactively to respond to recent threats and not written proactively to anticipate what virus are about to be released. Antivirus software is only as good as the guys writing and updating the signature files who work for them.

So the chances are most of us will at some point have an infected computer, and we need to have a resolution in place as quickly as possible before the virus carries out its intention which can create even further problems for the user.

How can we remove the virus or spyware?

We spend a lot of time diagnosing and removing virus and spyware infected computers, and we have a good nose for it. We know what should be running in the background of a computer and what shouldn’t and we have some impressive tools at hand to assist us with dealing with that.

We can remove almost any virus or spyware you may be infected with and also provide you with advice to help you avoid any further attacks. If you believe your computer has been infected with either a virus or spyware attack, then please turn it off and give one of our trained technicians a call on 01858 455426.

Let’s get it removed and rid the problem today!

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