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There are many ways to clean and optimise a PC, some more brutal than others, and some requiring more skill than most people have to hand. If your computer has been for many years finely tuned to your individual requirements containing many customised programs, a lot of data and email, and programs you simply no longer have, or ever had, the media for, then a more skilled approach with a certain amount of finesse is required.

Our highly trained, qualified and skilled technicians can help. We adopt a very methodical approach starting with a thorough assessment of what the computer is used for, then adopting a thorough deep clean of the ‘behind the scenes’ mechanics of the operating system.

When your computer was first introduced to you, it probably contained a lot of unwanted and unnecessary programs which came by default pre-installed. With your consent, we remove the unwanted applications enabling us to trim down the system to the functionality you require. We explain what it is we are removing, and in just about all cases, this is a welcome suggestion by you the client.

Once all this pre-installed software or ‘crapware’ as it is officially known as has been removed, then already we are dealing with a better system. To take it to the next level we edit the system registry removing all the unnecessary TSR’s or ‘terminate and stay ready’ programs which effectively do nothing other pop up at you once in a while. This are considered as obtrusive and generally spoil the user experience. These also consume valuable system resources for example memory and valuable processing power.

Did you know the harder a computer has to work, the more power it consumes? A little fact there for you!

Moving one, we attack the hard disk. By removing years of unwanted, unrequired and outdated temp files, internet cache, cookies and redundant cab files, we can quite often free up so much disk space the computer starts to run faster.

Did you know that your computer uses the hard disk as extra memory when the physical memory is being used to capacity?

If you noticed your hard disk light sends more time on than it does off, then your computer is probably over using the disk as extra memory cache. You should hardly see the hard disk light blinking at you, if it is over blinking then your computer is too busy doing things in the background, hence why your computer appear to be running slowly all the time.

At Computer Support Northampton we know how to restore the balance of your computer and make the most of what you already own, extending the life-cycle of your machine. We don’t even need to make a house visit as we have the tools to do this remotely for you, which further can save you money and enables us to react and offer this service almost instantly.

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