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The biggest problem a business can experience when dealing with an IT support company, is getting an engineer on-site as quickly as possible if something has gone wrong. Small to medium sized businesses either do not have the budget or the need for a full time support professional. Having someone working for the company as a full time IT manager can in its self; have many disadvantages as we shall explore.

A full time IT manager usually has a narrow bandwidth of experience. Their exposure is usually limited to the systems installed within the company. Outside resources can be very limited. It may be difficult to regulate the workflow when there is just one person responsible for the day to day running of the IT installation. A single IT manager can be inundated with work one minute, then left finding things to do when the systems are running smoothly.

In the absence of the IT manager, whether it be through holidays, illness or general absenteeism, cover is required. This can be more costly if agencies are involved, and also there can be a long period of time where the system isn’t properly covered due to uncertainties with how the system is configured and what business critical functions are in place.

The benefit of having a full time IT manager is that he is dedicated to your system, understands the user requirements and knows everything about that installation, where everything is etc.

On-site engineers provided by a third party IT support business provide an entirely different service. The responsibility of IT support is entirely with the third party, and the organising of these services is no longer the responsibility of the client. A third party IT Support Company will document the installation due to having several personnel working on projects at any given time. IT companies usually have a large client base, so have to organise themselves in such a way so anyone within the company can work on projects with minimal consultation.

IT companies have a wealth of experience working on many different systems spread over a broad spectrum. They are also highly experienced in listening to business vocabulary, understanding the client’s business needs and understanding the differences between clients and how they respond. The IT staff are usually highly trained and highly qualified, and they have to report to someone who has many years in the industry, who is not just an IT person themselves, but also a business person who understands the need to maintain a happy client base.

When it comes down to cost, outsourcing is usually the cheapest option. An IT company who can provide on-site engineers within a reasonable time-frame will always be the preferred choice for any small to medium sized business. A single IT manager is equivalent to having a one-man-band IT company looking after your equipment. If you believe you need an IT manager, you need to ask yourself if you really need an IT department; a team of individuals as opposed to one?

If you would like to discuss your IT support needs, or need good on-site IT engineers then please call our main office on 01858 455426.

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