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With the advancement of ADSL speeds and Fibre Optics, co-location is starting to feel more and more like all-under-one-roof. With businesses trying to save on costs, a much more efficient or better use of company resources is required.

Traditionally, a business would require a Server if it intended to connect a reasonable amount of computers together and share data and resources. This Server would in addition to hosting the companies Data, would also host applications and most certainly the email for the company. As a result of owning a Server, the company would also be responsible for the maintenance of this and associated costs, which over the years has proven quite high adding together hardware, software and licensing.

Well things are a little different now, or can be if you haven’t already adopted the latest approach.

Instead of a company purchasing a Server and finding an IT company to install, configure and support it. You can purchase a hosted Server which exists in a rack alongside many others of the same type. This Server is configured with virtual software and is made available to you as if it was actually in your premises.

The benefits of having a hosted Server are as follows, and we start by highlighting the traditional in house Server downsides.

Regular maintenance; A Server is usually located somewhere in a dark corner of your office, covered in dust and redundant bits of equipment, rarely being exposed to maintenance by competent professional IT personnel, it is often forgotten. Only when there is something wrong with it, is it ever attended to. As a result of infrequent maintenance it is more prone to faults and failures due to reactive as opposed to proactive maintenance.

Additionally this Server has a lifecycle. You may have purchased it a few years ago and are in the process of writing down the value for tax purposes, and hoping to sweat the asset for a couple of more years before purchasing a new one. Furthermore, when you do consider a new one you may also have to consider updating all the software due to the software lifecycle drawing to a close. This can come at great cost. As a result of sweating the asset even further, you notice it’s not performing all that well, and as a result your business suffers for it.

The worry of owning your own server on site is increased even further when you consider it may not be backed up as you would hope for. If it does fail and you have to restore the data, do you have a guaranteed method of doing so? What if someone breaks into your office and steals it along with all your company data? You may need to consider the Data Protection Act and what effect that has on you. And finally, do you know how much it costs to power a Server 24/7 365 days of the year? A lot!

So, on the other hand, a hosted option might offer a few solutions to the above. If you have a Virtual Server, you never need to worry about replacing the hardware, as this Virtual Server is hosted on a Virtual Host which is owned by the IT Company such as ours. As part of our own rigorous maintenance plan, we regularly update our Servers and we also mirror them, so we in fact buy two Servers to host your Virtual Server on. In addition, we take regular snap-shots of your server so we can if needed restore it onto another piece of hardware and have it up and running in minutes as opposed to hours or even days as was the old traditional method.

We also have a fast connection into our office, an aggregated (bonded) pair of fibre connections which provide failover if either develop a problem, and finally we also limit the number of Servers and websites much less than most data centres, this helps with the contention.

If you would like to discuss with one of our experts how we can dramatically streamline your IT systems by using either hosted or virtual technology, please call 01858 455426.

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