Complete IT Audit

Question…What is a complete IT audit?

Answer… If something goes wrong with your IT, then often this is a document someone would refer to if they needed to repair or reinstate your IT quickly. An IT audit is a complete set of documentation relating to all IT equipment used within a business, and may contain the following details.

Hardware inventory – Make, model, specification, resources remaining.

Software inventory – Operating system version, release, service pack level. Applications being used, minimum hardware requirements, support details for various applications, contact numbers, etc. configuration settings. Server configurations including email specific settings, SQL configuration, user configurations, user groups, security groups & server shares.

Network configuration – IP subnet, gateway, DNS, ISP access details, domain hosting details, registrant for DNS both technical & admin contact, server admin account details, router access details, printer configuration & access details. File Server storage usage and remaining storage levels.

Security – Antivirus solution details, SPAM solution details and configurations for AV & AntiSpam, Backup solution details; what is being used, what is being backed up, where it’s being backed up to, firewall details including any specific port forwarding rules, VPN users or remote workers including details for adding new users & blocking users.

Users – list of users, roles within organisation, specific needs and contact details.

What do we use a complete IT audit for?

Once we have all this information documented, it becomes clear to both you and us what stage the IT system is within its lifecycle. We can resolve outstanding issues, eliminate areas of vulnerability and exposure, and plan a continued development process which aids in reducing and eliminating downtime. The document can also be useful for asset tracking and insurance purposes, and can aid in providing an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

To plan your complete IT Audit call 01858 455426 and ask to speak to one of our technical engineers.

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