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Your IT includes your website

Posted on 10th February 2016 by Adrian Fowler

Your website is part of your IT

The IT field also includes the website industry. Most businesses now rely on their website to either generate new enquiries, process transactions or simply as a lookup for contact details. There aren’t many successful businesses running today that manage to stay on top without a website. To some people, not having a website means not being in business or not even being taken seriously.

The Computer Support Northampton website is owned by Apograph Ltd, which also owns the Web Lab Co website. We started off as an IT company providing support for companies using IT, in fact we started off installing IT into companies who’d never heard of IT, we’ve been going that long.

We know about web servers. In fact we have our own web servers which we host websites for people all over the UK. As we are an IT support company, we are perfectly positioned to offer this service as we have our own support engineers on hand to maintain our web servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

One stop shop for all things IT

We do the full range of IT services as well as website design and website hosting. All areas of IT are covered by us. We are the one stop shop. We take ownership all things IT.

Head over to our website design page and see for yourself what work we have done for our clients.

Adrian Fowler
Adrian is the Managing Director of Apograph Ltd which is the owner of the website Computer Support Northampton.

He has worked in the IT industry for 25 years after training in electrical & electronic engineering, writing and publishing software to fund his education.

Adrian started Apograph in 1993 providing IT support to SME’s, since then the business has grown and today his primary focus is on marketing and writing technical articles for publication on numerous websites.

Adrian lives in Leicestershire where the business is based.
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