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Posted on 18th May 2016 by Adrian Fowler

At the Computer Support Northampton we take Antivirus protection very seriously. When you’ve helped enough businesses who’ve failed to see the benefit of being properly protected, you’ll understand why we believe Bitdefender to be the best choice for your business.

The Best Antivirus Solution

Several years ago, we partnered up with Bitdefender. We did this for a reason, and that reason was down to how Bitdefender scans and protects your network.

Having come across many of the antivirus competition, we’ve always found some infection present even though the devices being protected were up-to-date with the latest virus definitions.

Even worse than that, we’ve come across companies whose data has been encrypted by the various strains of ransomware despite being protected by well-known antivirus solutions such as AVG, McAfee etc.

Having an Antivirus Solution on your computer network isn’t enough. It has to be the best one. Anything less is a disaster waiting to happen.

Kaspersky vs. Bitdefender

It’s a close call between the two top performing Antivirus solutions on the market, but we’ve found Bitdefender to be just that bit better. We also note with many online reviews the same to be the case. So it is our choice for business users, and one we will be encouraging our clients to use.


When you trial a new Antivirus product, it’s a whole new experience. We believe it should be set up for you by an expert. Considering what it is you intend it to do, it makes sense to have it professionally configured so you know it is protecting your systems in the way it’s meant to.

How would you otherwise know your Antivirus is working as it should? You wouldn’t. Unless someone shows you exactly how to set it up, configure the endpoints to be loaded onto each device, configured the rules, exceptions and so on, you wouldn’t know if your trial experience is working for you properly or not. You need some kind of reassurance that the product is protecting your devices the way you want it to.

That’s what we do. We do the set up for you. It’s free. We believe you should have the best experience possible when trying to evaluate a range of products which will protect a critical asset within your business.

What to do

Let us organise a free trial of the world’s best antivirus product. We will set it up for you and scan your data to see how many infections you currently have. There’s no cost to you and the benefits are huge. Call us on 01858 455426.

Adrian Fowler
Adrian is the Managing Director of Apograph Ltd which is the owner of the website Computer Support Northampton.

He has worked in the IT industry for 25 years after training in electrical & electronic engineering, writing and publishing software to fund his education.

Adrian started Apograph in 1993 providing IT support to SME’s, since then the business has grown and today his primary focus is on marketing and writing technical articles for publication on numerous websites.

Adrian lives in Leicestershire where the business is based.
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