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Posted on 24th June 2016 by Adrian Fowler

Corby is booming, and the businesses need good local IT support available when they need it. We have quite a few clients in and around the Corby area on many of the industrial estates, and we know the area and available telecoms infrastructure to be able to give you the best service you need.

Our IT engineers are frequently in the Corby area so are available to call in should you have an IT support issue. Currently, we are offering, without obligation, a free network health check.

Free IT Health Check

You may have a slow performing network, or slow internet, or some other glitch that causes your computer network to perform frustratingly slow. If this is the case, we can come and assist you, identify the fault, fix it for you all at no cost to you or your business.

With this offer you have nothing to lose.

Furthermore, we are Bitdefender partners. Bitdefender is the worlds’ best performing antivirus product available, frequently winning 1st place in global independent reviews. Bitdefender also represents the best value for money in comparison to all the leading antivirus products currently available.

In tests, Bitdefender outperforms all the leading brands including AVG, Sophos, and Symantec and is recognised by the Independent IT-Security Institute as the best overall antivirus product of the year.

With the rise in internet based crime including ransomware and crypto locker viruses, you cannot afford to reply on any other antivirus product other than the best.

Because we are preferred Bitdefender partners, we are offering up to 30% off the Bitdefender’s suggested retail price for all businesses based in Corby. In addition to this, we are giving away our services to set it up for you.

The World’s Best Antivirus Product

For no charge at all to Corby businesses, we will set up Bitdefender’s Gravityzone Portal and create the Endpoints ready for installation, along with the required rules as agreed with you, and assist in deploying the world’s best antivirus product all for no cost whatsoever. Completely free.

This offer alone is worth £390 for the average business in time alone.

And finally, because you are a business based in Corby, we will give you a further 10% discount on top of the 30% already given. That’s a total of 40% off the suggested retail price.

If that’s not enough, there’s one more giveaway…

Because we want your business in Corby to benefit from the world’s best antivirus solution, we will buy out your existing contract!

If you already have an antivirus solution installed and it has time left to run before it requires renewing, we will credit you the remaining time off the purchase price of Bitdefender. No questions asked, no catch, no quibble.

How to Avoid a Virus Strike?

Call us now to take advantage of this offer. We want to protect your business based in Corby as we want Corby to thrive. Our IT Services will help to do that.

Call 01858 455426.

Adrian Fowler
Adrian is the Managing Director of Apograph Ltd which is the owner of the website Computer Support Northampton.

He has worked in the IT industry for 25 years after training in electrical & electronic engineering, writing and publishing software to fund his education.

Adrian started Apograph in 1993 providing IT support to SME’s, since then the business has grown and today his primary focus is on marketing and writing technical articles for publication on numerous websites.

Adrian lives in Leicestershire where the business is based.
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