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Extend the Wi-Fi in your home

Posted on 21st July 2016 by Adrian Fowler

With more and more of us opting to work from home, the sometimes feel the need to create a separate space to work from. Often, people want to build a home office in their garden, and with the popularity of log cabins increasing, these make the perfect choice.

Small problem: How do we get internet when we are at the end of our garden?

We don’t really want to phone up BT and ask them to put a phone line into our garden shed or log cabin. Seems like a daft and costly idea. Most wireless access points work ok in the house, but the signal soon drops like a stone as we move outside and start walking down the garden.

How do we get wireless down the bottom of the garden?

We’ve been asked this many times before and find the solution to be very easy, and it opens up an endless list of possibilities.

No long cables running down your garden

We don’t need to install cables buried in the ground, all we need to do is install a point-to-point link between the house and the garden office, and with a clear line of sight you have a perfect full signal transmitted directly to your garden office.

What’s more, the point-to-point link works over many kilometres, so it really doesn’t matter how long or far away your home office is, as long as there is a clear line of sight, it will work beautifully.

Full expandable home office Wi-Fi

Let’s say you want to expand your garden office to more than just one single computer. Not a problem.

With the point-to-point link, we can connect as many computers, printers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets as you need. What’s more, there is no degradation in signal.

The point-to-point link transmits internet down to your garden office at full signal and full speed. We then create you a mini network inside your garden office with its own Wi-Fi access point, and you can connect as many devices as you need and be fully connected at full signal.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Making your entire garden Wi-Fi accessible.
  • Being able to work either in your house or your garden office and connect to all the devices you need.
  • Expanding the configuration to provide you with CCTV around you house, garden and garden office, and being able to check your CCTV from anywhere in the world.

The possibilities are endless.

Professional installers

We take pride in our work and it shows. We respect the fact this is your home and will ensure you are delighted with the quality of the workmanship we carry out. We keep our work very neat and tidy.

How much does it cost?

For a detailed quote, it’s best to give us a call and we will pop out and do a site survey. There is no obligation, and we understand because every home is different, each quote needs to be tailored to suite the individual requirements.

Call us on 01858 455426 and ask to speak to our Wi-Fi expert.

Adrian Fowler
Adrian is the Managing Director of Apograph Ltd which is the owner of the website Computer Support Northampton.

He has worked in the IT industry for 25 years after training in electrical & electronic engineering, writing and publishing software to fund his education.

Adrian started Apograph in 1993 providing IT support to SME’s, since then the business has grown and today his primary focus is on marketing and writing technical articles for publication on numerous websites.

Adrian lives in Leicestershire where the business is based.
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